About Us

At Performance Block, we take pride in bringing you the best performance parts along with the best customer service! From launching Barra Enthusiasts in 2021, we have grown into a family that specialises in all areas of the Automotive industry.

Performance Block is owned by Pike's Auto Group PTY LTD., where we distribute of over 200 highly reputable brands and over 100,000 parts.

Our team are dedicated to ensuring that you find the right part at the right price! Can't seem to find a part you need? Let us know and we will organise it for you!

Aussie-wide Suppliers

We have teamed up with over 15 Australian suppliers to get your parts to you quickly.

30 Day Return

Change your mind or the part doesn't fit? We offer a 30 day return. T&C's apply.

Aussie Support

We have a dedicated support team to help you find the right parts. Need a hand? We're here to help!

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